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Super-Yacht-SubSuper Yachts & Seasecretary – Quality training, Skilled ship handlers & content safe passengers.

Ship Handling

Our team of skilled marine pilots can fine tune a Masters ship handling skills & train junior officers. (don’t just have a go and see how it turns out, proper training will ensure that you are well trained, crew and passengers are safer).


  • STCW PST, PSSR training is conducted by Master mariners who are working pilots with a broad range of vessel types.
  • STCW Fire fighting is conducted by operational local fire brigade (Ensuring up to date training is delivered).
  • STCW Medical training is conducted by Advanced Paramedic trainers Manone medical/Med Rescue.
  • STCW Security is conducted by ex UK special forces anti piracy trainer.
  • Purser and Interior Training.
  • Chef and Waitress Training (Michelin Star training establishment in Liverpool).

Seasecretary prides itself on having the Highest qualified instructors to conduct its training with all being operational trainers ie all still work in industry and not retired.

Our recruitment Partner, offers real job opportunities!  Sailor crew is headed by a Superyacht Captain Pete Simpson, he expects quality from his crew and delivers exceptional quality trained crew to a broad range of Superyacht owners.

Our team of commercial marine pilots will allow you full use of our fleet of vessels. There is nothing better than hands on skills training: practise in high windage vessels, tidal areas, anchoring, berthing, unberthing, MOB and emergency training for evacuation.

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