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Boatmasters-SubSeasecretary is an approved BML training provider of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and has been operating successfully for the past 15 years by providing marine support to Bithells boats of Chester. We developed and now maintain their Safety Management System (SMS). Following the success of this venture, we have since been involved in other key projects on the River Dee, for Commercial boat services.mca_logo_1

The, company then expanded its client base to include the famous  Mersey Ferries, York River boats, The Sabrina of Shrewsbury & Henty Oil Bunker barges, British waterways & Yorkshire Belle.

Seasecretary is operated by  Master Mariners who will visit your company and design a safety and training package that will suit your needs.

Included in the package:


We let you get on with running your vessels and generating that all important income, whilst we at Seasecretary ensure that your vessels are operated efficiently and safely. – For the safety of you, your clients and the satisfaction of the MCA.

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